SITE AREA: 6000 m2

The biggest complex of asphalt bike playgrounds both in Poland and across the European Union. Pumptrack built to the order of the Municipial Sports and Recreation Center in Nowy Sacz as part of the development of the sport and recreation infrastructure in Aleje Pilsudzkiego Street. The bike tracks is questions are located next to volleyball courts and street workout facilities and occupy the area of approximately 6000 m2. Such big a terrain available allowed for 4 zones to be created, designated for group usage as per their experience level. 3 year old children can try their hand at riding an easy loop MINI PUMP. Older children and beginners have a more advanced and bigger EASY PUMP loop at their disposal. One of the tracks is designated for competitors improving their skills at the Olympic discipline BMX RACING. RACE PUMP proves a great training practice not only for future Olympians but also for anyone who wants to take his chance at riding with obstacle at a bit higher speed. The biggest of all FLOW TRACKS allows the performance of jumps and smooth riding on massive and safe profiled turns. PLOW TRACKS deliver endless joy on numerous alternative lanes and obstacles which can be ridden in various directions.