A PUMP TRACK is a purposefully designed obstacle course that incorporates bumps, profiled turns, and small jumps arranged to facilitate the accumulation and sustained flow of momentum without the need for pedaling. The gathering of momentum is made possible by strategically profiled obstacles, known as bumps, where users execute upward and downward movements (referred to as pumping), guiding themselves in a preferred direction by harnessing the forces of gravity and centrifugal forces.

Riding PUMP TRACKS seamlessly aligns with popular youth sports disciplines that offer an engaging alternative to monotonous training routines, providing an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. Cycling engages all muscle groups and demands a high level of physical exertion. PUMP TRACK bike playgrounds not only offer young children a safe environment to familiarize themselves with bikes on uneven terrain but also present challenges for experienced bikers.

Given the diverse range of users in terms of skills and age, PUMP TRACK bike playgrounds can be adapted to cater to various demographics, making them versatile and customizable for specific target groups.


The Mini Pump track is specifically designed for children riding balance bikes from the age of 2. The track’s small-sized humps make it perfect for young children, enabling them to develop motor coordination and balance in a safe environment. This track not only increases their body awareness but also improves their social skills and ability to function in a group. Mini Pump tracks are easily manageable from a construction standpoint, primarily due to their relatively small size, making them adaptable to almost any surrounding.

Dedicated mainly to older children and amateur riders taking their first steps on a bike playground Pumptrack, the Easy Pump features slightly larger obstacles and profiled turns compared to those found in the Mini Pump. This track provides a continuous loop for an enjoyable experience.

Flow tracks bring constant joy to both intermediate and advanced users, embodying the true essence of the word. They enable bikers to perform jumps with a smooth ride on substantial, yet safe, profiled embankments. Flow Tracks offer great fun with multiple alternative lines and obstacles that can be ridden in various directions.

Featuring obstacles borrowed from BMX RACING tracks, Race Pumps serve as an excellent training ground not only for future Olympians but also for anyone looking to challenge themselves with riding obstacles at higher speeds.


1. Uncomplicated and fast investment – simplified construction notification procedure

2. Aesthetic and safe facility designed for all age groups

3. Simple and enjoyable way to engage in sports activities

4. A meeting place for the local community that fosters the building of good social relationships

5. An interesting form of development for green, sports-recreational, and public spaces

6. An ideal way to revitalize neglected and underutilized urban squares or parks


– In housing estates

– Within city parks

– As complementary additions to existing sports facilities, often in proximity to skate parks and multi-purpose playgrounds


A varied bike playground PUMPTRACK spans an area of approximately no less than 500 m2. Such a site comprises several turns and obstacles of varying shapes. The most coveted positions on users’ wish lists, and concurrently the most popular in general, are those covering an area between 1000 and 2000 m².

The terrain earmarked for a prospective playground should ideally be either flat or gently inclined, and can be with diverse contours. It is feasible to design a track with a course weaving between trees or similar “obstacles,” with the provision of necessary safety measures.


As pioneers in Poland and the second in Europe, we introduced an asphalt surface for one of our projects—the bike playground Pumptrack in Nowa Sól, built in 2014. Acknowledged for its exceptional riding properties, we consider this technology a forefront innovation in the world of pump tracks.

Advantages of the asphalt surface:

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Accommodates cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, and scooter riding
  • Exhibits high durability, resilience against adverse weather conditions, and resistance to acts of vandalism
  • Incurs low maintenance costs
  • Suitable for riding in all weather conditions
  • Presents a tidy and attractive appearance

A modular, prefabricated solution for bike playgrounds, known as PUMP TRACK, enables a certified track to be transported and assembled in any location worldwide. The prefabricated components are TUV certified and adhere to the efficiency and quality standards outlined in EN 1176-1:2009 and EN 1176-7:2009, similar to conventional playgrounds.

The modular Bikeparkitect system has gained recognition at prestigious international exhibitions, earning an ISPO Munich award and the MTP Gold Medal at the BUDMA 2014 Trade Fairs.


  • Crafted from top-quality, eco-friendly materials
  • Exhibits high durability, resilience against adverse weather conditions, and resistance to acts of vandalism
  • Accommodates cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, and scooter riding
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Allows for easy modernization – the project can be divided into stages, starting with the basic track and subsequently incorporating new elements
  • Provides mobility – the track is portable, making it especially convenient for various social events, sports days, local festivals, etc.
  • Enables easy rearrangement of the track’s structure – using available elements, one can assemble the track according to their preferences.